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Elegance and tradition, from the cradle of Italian craftsmanship

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Stucco Italiano d.o.o. was founded in 2010, as a subsidiary of Stucco Italiano Srl from Italy. We are engaged in the production and distribution of high-quality decorative materials for wall and floor finishes in construction industry.

In our wide range of products, there is a special place for the production of natural decorative materials, based on lime and cement. Our products are made according to traditional recipes and techniques, which respect the environment and give the surface its authentic beauty and longevity.

A wide range of products allows an unlimited number of decorative combinations for various spaces. By using our toning system and adding various additives we offer, we provide our clients with the opportunity to attain all their wishes.

The imperative of the company is originality and quality.
Stucco Italiano d.o.o., as a socially responsible company, participates in various donations to people and institutions with special needs.



Mr. Giovanni Polistena
Phone: +39 347 246 9500
Email: giovanni@stuccoitaliano.rs


Mrs. Valentina Radisavljević Lopaćanin
Phone: +381 63 186 1147
Email: valentina@stuccoitaliano.rs

Production Director

Mr. Slaviša Lopaćanin
Phone: +381 60 672 2153
Email: slavisa@stuccoitaliano.rs


Stucco Italiano was founded in the late 1990s by Maestro Giovanni Polistena.

Maestro Polistena worked for over 40 years as a master of Italian stucco materials. His specialty is the production and application of Stucco Marmorino Veneziano, as well as other materials based on lime and cement.

He started his business in the area around Venice, the cradle of Italian craftsmenship and the center of Italian architecture. Soon after, he continued to work abroad with Stucco Marmorino materials. He eagerly transfers on his knowledge to others, teaching them the mastery of applying these materials. As a result, the walls become works of art.

In the late 1990s, he decided to combine his vast experience with the experience of his friends, contractors and manufacturers of lime materials. With his tremendous energy, Stucco Italiano was launched.


Stucco Italiano d.o.o.
Vojvode Pavla Cukića 27
Rača 34210,
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Become A Stucco Italiano Distributor

Do you want to become a distributer? Become a partner - easier than you think!


For our new distributors we offer training opportunities for all our Italian stucco and paints, for craftsmen who want to become coaches themselves.


You will have the exclusivity of the distribution of our Italian plasters in your region and/or area and the possibility of obtaining products tailored to your needs.


We share with you all our expertise regarding our Italian plasters and offer assistance by mail, phone and visits to your worksites.

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Stucco Italiano
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