Dolomia/ Stars

Dolomia/ Stars

  • Dolomia and Stars are a new lime-based material and it is used for interior decoration. Compared to Marmorino Fine, the granulation of the marble is a bit larger, so the final appearance of the material is a bit rougher – it gives the look of natural stone with sequins of gold (dolomia) or silver (stars). It can be used in the interior, when you want to achieve the effect of decorative stonewalls. As one of the new decorative materials from the Venetian plaster group, it gives the effect of old, stonewalls and decorative surfaces.



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Additional information

  • ● The base color is white and can be toned according to our tone card
  • ● The thickness of the coating is about 1.5 to 2.5mm. It is applied in a minimum of two layers
  • ● With 1kg of material, about 0.5 to 0.6m² can be processed, depending on the quality of the substrate
  • ● It can be applied on almost all types of surfaces with a suitable primer
  • ● The materials we use as protection are Velatura, Natural Bee’s Wax and Hydrocalce
  • ● It is packed in 8 and 24 kg buckets, if it is in a pasty state and is ready for use. It can also be delivered in a package of 18 kg in powder form in buckets
  • ●Tools to use for application: metal planer and stainless-steel spatula
  • ●Additives to use: as a top coat they are Velatura, Natural Bee’s Wax, Hydrocalce
  • 1. Can the material be applied in bathrooms and in the pool?
  • Yes, with proper protection
  • 2. Can it be used to decorate and protect floors?
  • No, we use cement-based material for floors, such as Pastellone
  • 3. Can it be used on exteriors?
  • No, this material is not appropriate for exterior application



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