Liberty Epoque

Liberty Epoque

  • Liberty epoque is a decorative material based on acrylic water dispersion with pearlescent pearls. It gives a final velvety effect with a pearlescent finish. It is ideal for rich decorative interiors in the baroque style. Very easy to apply, but requires good wall preparation (smoothing and sanding).



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bAsset 1

Additional information

  • ●The base color is pearlescent white and can be toned according to our tone card
  • ●Coating thickness approx. 0.5mm. It can be applied in one or two layers
  • ●With 1L of material can be processed from 8 to 10m²
  • ●It can be applied on almost all types of surfaces with a suitable primer
  • ●It is packed in 1L, 2.5L and 5L buckets and is ready for use
  • ●Tools to use for application: stainless-steel trowel, stainless-steel spatula, and plastic trowel
  • ●No additives
  1. Can the material be applied in bathrooms and in the pools?
  • Yes, but not on surfaces that have a permanent supply of water
  1. Can it be used to decorate and protect floors?
  • No, for floors we use our cement-based material – Pastellone
  1. Can it be used on exteriors?
  • No, this material is not appropriate for exterior application



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