Magnezit Terrazzo

Magnezit Terrazzo

  • This is our finest terrazzo floor with magnesium, new solution for the classic Venetian terrazzo.
  • Magnesium is a historical material that has lost its popularity with the advent of cement. It is now attracting new attention because it is extremely hard and environmentally friendly. With magnesium you can get a beautiful Venetian Terrazzo floor only 6mm thick. Because it is so thin, it can also be applied to furniture to achieve a surface that is harder than marble.
  • The final protection of our Magnesite Terrazzo floor can be done with Natural Vegetable Oil or Varnish.



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Additional information

  • ● Consumption is 2kg of material per m², without the addition of stone. Of course, with the addition of stone granules, the thickness of the material is added and with that, the consumption also increases
  • ● With additives, the layer thickness ranges from 5 to 14mm
  • ● We can add stone granules, of different colors, up to a thickness of 6mm
  • ● Application time of 30 minutes
  • ● The tools used for application are; planer, grinder with diamond stone (for leveling and polishing the surface)
  • ● Additives can include; granulated stone, marble in different colors, as well as Salt & Pepper, as well as Terracota
  • ● Surface Protection Wax is used as a finish
  1. Is this material appropriate to use on floors and other surfaces?
  • Yes, it can be used on walls and furniture
  1. Is this material suitable to apply on furniture?
  • Yes, it can be used with a suitable primer
  1. Is this material durable for floors?
  • This is the hardest existing material on the market



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