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Stucco Substrates and Additives

  • The unique feature of Stucco Italiano products is the large range of additives, combined with the range of standard materials. Some of these additives have been specially developed to solve problems that often occur working with materials and to assist in easing the application of decorative plasters. Other additives are designed to give special effects to lime and acrylic coatings or to give them the best protection.

Stucco Substrates and Preparations

Universal Primer

  • Universal Acrylic Primer is for preparing the substrate before painting or applying lime-based decorations. It must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1 to 1: 9, and then applied with a brush, roller or pump on each type of substrate. It is also used as the first protective layer of flooring material, such as Pastellone, diluted 1:15 with water.
  • Coverage: smooth surfaces (i.e. gypsum substrates): 1L covers 20 to 60m²

Universal base coat for any type of substrate

It is suitable to protect Pastellone

Quartz Primer

  • This acrylic primer with quartz sand is characterized by excellent adhesion. It is used as a base before applying lime and decorative cement-based mortars. It is ready for use on any type of substrate, although 10% dilution with water is possible. We suggest using it especially on wooden or plaster substrates.
  • Coverage: 1L covers 12 to 16m²

Universal base coat for any type of substrate

It is suitable to protect Pastellone

GLP – Gap Leveling Plaster

  • It is a filler with extreme adhesion properties, which does not shrink out when it dries. Due to this quality, we use it to fill the gaps between tiles in the walls and floors, before applying Pastellone or other decorative plasters. Moreover, since it is very adhesive, it can be used as a first layer on very smooth surfaces, such as marble or tiles, before applying the product on a lime or cement floor. If our TGF is used, it is not necessary to sand the tiles; just clean the tiles to remove greasy substances before applying.
  • Because of all these qualities, we consider our GLP among the most useful additives for Venetian plaster and other stuccos.

Extreme grip

Does not shrink during drying

Fills gaps - tile grout

Increases grip


  • Liscio is a natural, limestone mass used to level walls. It is applied in several layers over Universal or Quartz substrate. Due to its fine structure, the final surface is ideally smooth and is an excellent base for applying decorative thin-layer materials.

Special Accessories for Application

SAA – Strong Adhesive Additive

  • It is a powder that can be added to any decorative mortar based on lime or cement, in order to increase its adhesion to any surface, such as tiles and glass. The packages are 1kg and can be added to a 16kg bucket of Pastellone or 24kg of any decorative lime-based plaster.

Increases adhesion to any surface


  • It is a hardener for all our decorative mortars based on lime and cement. Our densifier is a special resin, which, once mixed with an alkaline mixture, gives a higher density and viscosity. It is used if the decorative plaster is too liquid, for example when a large amount of liquid pigment is added to the material. It can also be used when the decorative plaster must be applied in a thicker layer, to prevent it from falling off the wall during the application of the material. Keep in mind that if the suggested amount is exceeded (if you put more hardeners than necessary), the material will return to its liquid form.
  • Packaging: 50gr or 500gr can
  • Application: it must be slowly poured into the mortar while mixing with the mixer

It is used with cement and lime products

Thickens liquid materials

Decorative Additives

Glitter Cream

  • A special gel with a metallic sheen created to achieve decorative effects with our lime-based plasters, especially on Stucco Lava. It comes in silver and gold and has a decorative shine.

Leaves shiny scales on the surface

The scales can be silver or gold

Salt & Pepper Sand

  • This is a special silicate (quartz) sand, which is sifted to obtain a uniform particle size of 0.6mm. It is used with Marmorino Veneziano Carrara to get a special “salt and pepper” effect. Used with: Marble Medium and Coarse, Travertino, Lava, Pastellone and Concrete Stucco.

Quartz sand composed of 0.6mm particles

Creates a black and white “dot” effect

It is used with Marmorino and Pastellone

It is also used for Concrete Stucco and Travertino

Mother of Pearl

  • This powder, obtained from real seashells, is added to decorative plasters, in order to create shiny dots /stains on the surface of the final decoration. It comes in three sizes: fine, medium and coarse. The finest is used with medium and coarse Marble; medium with Dilavato and rigid with Pastellone.

They are obtained by crushing real seashells

Adds shiny dots to the final surface of the wall or floor

Pearl Cream

  • It is a natural water-based wax, which is used to decorate and protect lime-based products. It is a perfect complementary product for Stucco Lava or Travertine. It comes in silver, gold, bronze, grey and copper colors. It is applied with a sponge or cloth and the coverage depends on the type of finishing.

Decorates and protects lime-based finishes

It is especially used on our Stucco Lava and Travertino

It is produced in the following shades: grey - silver - gold - bronze - copper

It is used to obtain an infinite range of final decorative effects


  • Small silver flakes made of natural Mica stone. It is added to medium and rough decorations such as Marmorino, Intonachino, Travertino, Calcite, Dolomia/ Stars to get special decorative effects.

Small silver mica flakes

Creates a decorative effect

Terracotta Powder (Fine and Medium)

  • It is a real terracotta powder that gives Marmorino an old terracotta look. It is used to create a natural or rustic stone or brick effect on verandas, kitchens or hallways. It is made in a fine size (200 to 300µm) for Marmorino Fine and 500µm (m for Marmorino Medium and rough. It is also used in Travertino, Lava and Pastellone.

Real terracotta brick powder

Gives a natural and rustic look

Used in Marmorino - Travertino - Lava and Pastellone


  • Velatura is a semi-transparent layer for indoor and outdoor use. It is an acrylic-siloxane emulsion, which is used to achieve ancient decorative effects. It can be applied on smooth or rough, mineral or synthetic substrates. It has good water resistance and can be washed two weeks after application. It is a non-toxic material, VOC (<8.38) L / A 200g / l (2010). It is used in application systems that include Universal Primer, Vapor Permeable Paint, Travertino or even Intonachino.

Semi-transparent acrylic-siloxane emulsion

Achieves an antique look

Used on Travertino, Lime-based Paints, Intonachino and other lime and acrylic coatings

Creates antique-looking effects

Surface Protection

Natural Bee’s Wax

  • Natural organic wax made from beeswax. It is used to increase shine and protect surfaces from: Marmorino (fine, medium and rough); Marmorino Metallic, Travertino, Dolomia/ Stars.
  • Coverage: 1L covers 22 to 25m² on Marmorino or 18 to 20m² on Dolomia or Travertino
  • Application: sponge and polish with a soft cloth like our non-woven fabric.

Protects lime products

ECO friendly

Increases shine

Emphasizes the final appearance of the surface

Paraffin Wax

  • It is a paraffin wax paste that is used especially on polished decorative plasters (Marmorino) to protect the final layer from dirt and liquids. It gives strong protection from water. Increases the gloss of the treated surface.
  • Coverage: 1L covers 40m².
  • Application: Use planer or spatula and polish with a non-woven fabric.

Gives water resistance to lime-based materials

Strong protection

Increases shine

Emphasizes the final appearance of the surface

Hydrocalce (water-profer)

  • Hyrocalce is an environmentally friendly water-based moisture protection material. It has water and dirt resistance properties, and is designed to protect lime-based materials.
  • Coverage: 1L covers 6 to 10m² in three layers.
  • Application: Use brush, roller or compressor and apply in 2 to 3 layers.

For all lime / cement-based products

Reliable protection against water and dirt

ECO friendly

Moroccan Soap for Tadelakt (Light & Dark)

  • This natural Moroccan Soap is well known for its amber color and intense scent of olive oil. Its main feature is that it provides light protection against liquids and dirt to Tadelakt and Beton Stucco.
  • Coverage: 100gr covers 8m²
  • Application: It should be diluted up to 5 times with water and then applied with a sponge or spatula and polished with a soft cloth

Scratch proof

High surface resistance

Used on lime/cement based floors

PU 1C Varnish

  • It is a one-component water-based polyurethane varnish, a scratchproof treatment with a high surface resistance for lime and cement-based floors. It comes in Matt and Satine effect.

Scratch proof

High surface resistance

Used on lime/cement based floors

PU 2C Varnish

  • It is a 2-component water-based polyurethane varnish, a scratchproof treatment with a high surface resistance for lime and cement-based floors. It comes in matt and satin effect.

Scratch proof

High surface resistance

Used on lime/cement based floors

FAQ for Stucco Italiano’s substrates and additives

  • We designed additives for Stucco & Marmorino to facilitate their application or help the applicator apply our mortars in extreme conditions. For example, in high heat, very large walls, crumbly or very smooth substrates such as marble or tiles. Furthermore, other additives for Venetian plasters and Italian stuccos are useful for solving the special requirements and wishes of our customers, when it is necessary to modify the material to make it brighter, more phosphorescent or with colored spots.
  • Stucco Italiano is a system intended primarily for artisans. Therefore, our stucco additives are used to give space for creativity and imagination of our customers. Most of them are decorative accessories for Venetian decorative material or other Italian stucco.

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