Tools for applying Italian finishes

For the perfect application of Italian and Venetian decorative plasters

Material Application Tools

  • On this page you can find a large selection of professional tools for applying Marmorino and other Italian decorative plasters. Namely, if you are looking for Italian tools for applying mortar, here you will find what you need. All Stucco Italiano application tools are certified Made in Italy and are designed in accordance with the Italian tradition of decorating. However, we are constantly designing new tools, which will make it easier to apply stucco and give our customers the opportunity to work with original accessories.
  • Examples of our unique tools are a credible replica of hot iron, which we use to polish a fresco painted Marble, and a Moroccan stone for Tadelakt. From Stucco Italiano you can get an old iron pattern that was used to engrave stucco, to get the look of a stone with natural patterns.

Tools for applying Venetian and Italian finishes

FAQ for Stucco Italiano’s Venetian tools

  • Yes, Stucco Italiano provides all the tools needed to apply our decorative plasters and paints, except electrical equipment tools. In particular, our catalog of Venetian plaster tools includes a variety of application tools. We also offer the Venetian Plaster Tool Set, which contains all the necessary tools for applying Marmorino.
  • We produce several of these tools. Some of our Venetian plaster tools are made by specialized companies according to our recommendations, which our based on our experience in application. On the other hand, we buy most of our specialized tools from Italian manufacturers, choosing only the best on the market. In fact, our Italian plaster tools come from different companies even if they have the Stucco Italiano logo.

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