• Nappa is a new decorative material based on acrylic water dispersion. The final effect of this decoration is the look of the finest upturned deerskin. Such an effect is also soft when touched. It is ideal for rich modern and old interiors as well as hotels, bars and restaurants. Very easy to apply, but requires good preparation of the walls (smoothing and sanding).



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Additional information

  • ● The base color is white and can be toned according to our tone card
  • ● Application thickness about 0.1 to 0.2mm. It can be applied in one or two layers
  • ● With 1L of material 8 to 10m² can be processed
  • ● It can be applied on almost all types of surfaces with a suitable primer
  • ● It is packed in 1L, 2.5L and 5L buckets and is ready for use
  • ● Tools to use for application: spalter (wide brush with long hair)
  • ● No additives
  1. Can the material be applied in bathrooms and in the pools?
  • Yes, but not on surfaces that have a permanent supply of water
  1. Can it be used to decorate and protect floors?
  • No, for the floors we use our cement-based material – Pastellone
  1. Can it be used on exteriors?
  • No, this material is not appropriate for exterior application



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